CE marking in construction product industry and quality systems


Author: Martti Blomberg

Translated: Deborah Johansson

Did you know that construction products will need a CE marking starting from July 2013? The regulation applies to, for example, entrance doors and windows, building components, load-bearing structures, strength-rated lumber, and other such products that until now have been able to be manufactured without the CE marking.

New Challenges

The acquisition of the CE marking requires that the operations related to product manufacturing are described in an FPC system, that is, production quality control system, which covers the processes, employee competence, user instructions, responsibilities, etc. If a company does not yet have a quality system in use, the requirements set by the CE marking to the operational transparency may feel especially challenging.

The challenge is primarily depending of the new ways things need to be done in. The branch has traditionally followed the rules of the country-specific construction product regulations, without any requirements of a quality system. In the metal and concrete industry, the CE marking has been in use for a long time. There, the quality systems are a little better known among the personnel. But with the wood products, quality systems are still a quite new thing.

Adding to the challenge is that the requirements have been set on EU level but there are no examples cases or references showing in practise how these requirements should be fulfilled.

The use of a Quality system is very beneficial in the construction product industry.

Even if the implementation itself may appear a little demanding, the CE marking and especially the quality system it requires is very useful for the construction product industry. See the following examples:

  • Free competition in the EU area, which in other words means a bigger market opens up for the domestic companies as well.
  • The same requirements will also apply to companies that import and distribute in EU area from countries like Russian and Chinese.
  • Quality systems will clarify and strengthen operations as well as bring clear cost savings measurable with money.

At the moment, it is still possible to gain valuable competitive edge. Be first and provide a service and a product fulfilling the regulations and requirements set for it now and in the future.

What to start with?

As already mentioned, the requirement for the CE marking unfortunately does not come with example cases or references. For this reason, the only way to start with is by turning to other branches for good practices. But the base is always a quality system.

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