Frequently asked questions about CE marking


Author: Martti Blomberg

Translated: Deborah Johansson

Frequently asked questions about CE marking

Have you already started working on gaining a CE marking for your products? Do you know how you should proceed in acquiring the CE marking?

What is the construction product regulation all about?

According to the construction product regulation, most of the construction products manufactured in Europe will require a CE marking starting from July 1st, 2013.

The regulation concerns products that are fitted as fixed parts to a construction objects, such as entrance doors, windows, construction elements, load-bearing structures, strength-rated lumber, rock material, and road markings and other such products that until now have been able to be manufactured without the CE marking.

With the CE marking, the product manufacturer is able to prove that the product fulfils the applicable EU directive requirements and that the product has undergone all of the required inspections.

With the help of the CE marking, you can keep your product on the market

Now that the CE marking has been declared mandatory, it means that the following applies to construction product manufacturers: they can be obligated to pull their product from the market in case the product belonging to a harmonized product standard does not have a CE marking by the officially announced date.

Do you have any questions about the CE marking?

You can download a free FAQ about the CE marking, from which you can find answer for the following questions, for example:


  • How long does it take to acquire the CE marking?
  • What do the costs related to the acquiring of the CE marking comprise?
  • How to proceed in acquiring the CE marking?
  • What happens if you do not meet the deadline for the CE marking?

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