Help in managing business management systems


Author: Martti Blomberg

Translated: Deborah Johansson

Welcome to the EASE-Q® Blog, “ Management systems, the easy way- blog”! 

If business management systems have ever given you grey hair, you have come to the right place. With this blog, we want to bring more clarity in working with business management systems that at first may seem so complex.

We have been working with management systems for over 20 years. Our customers have taught us a lot over the years. It is these experiences and lessons that we now want to share with others and in a language our customers use.

Why are business management systems needed?

This principle should be born in mind: producing quality is always more profitable and cheaper to a company than producing bad quality. Structured processes tend to require fewer amendments, there is less waste of time and resources, and they better guarantee both employee and customer satisfaction and operation efficiency. Processes producing added value in the operations of an organisation should be supported, and correspondingly other unnecessary processes should be eliminated.

It is a little misleading, as such, to think that the organisations must have, for example a quality system. What is really needed is high quality processes that promote both the profitability of the business and the wellbeing and safety of the employees. A quality system is one tool that facilitates the achievement of this goal.

Why does the quality system seem difficult?

Quality systems or integrated management systems are systems shared by everyone in an organisation, and with their help companies aspire to ensure high quality business. The systems should be simple and understandable, so that their use would not seem to slow down or complicate the actual work.

Preparing a system for an organisation is often considered challenging. Resistance to the system is often caused by uncertainty about the changes the system brings into the routines, or unclear instructions about the new practices. The establishment of the implemented quality or integrated management system into the organisation can be promoted for example with correct communication and training.

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