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EASE-Q® Management system

The integrated management system is an application developed during 15 years for and together with, companies and organisations in the SME segment. The EASE-Q® integrated management system is a user-friendly application that is easy to start using on the Internet.

EASE-Q® Management System

With the help of the integrated management system you fulfil for example the documentation requirements of the following standards:

  •     Quality standard ISO 9001:2008
  •     Environmental standard ISO 14001:2004
  •     Occupational Health and Safety standard OHSAS 18001:2007

The Management System is suitable for different branches

The EASE-Q® integrated management system suits businesses in different branches.

We have evidence from the setup of effective and efficient systems in, for example, the following branches: metal industry, woodwork industry, social sector, industrial services, industrial and domestic cleaning, transport and logistics, forestry industry, security and child welfare.

CE marking and requirements

The requirement, for example for the wood product industry, comes into force in 2013. With the help of EASE-Q® integrated management system, a company can easily build its own internal FPC (Factory Production Control) manual.

Branch specific solutions for the field of social services and for ambulance service companies.

These 2 solutions are at the moment only available in Finnish. For more information please contact us.

Network Management Module

EASE-Q® Network Management module for managing supplier and subcontractor networks.

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