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EASE-Q® Integrated Management System

The integrated management system is an online application that helps companies document and manage quality control within the organisation.

With the EASE-Q® integrated management system you will be able to meet the requirements of the Quality standard ISO 9001:2008, Environmental standard ISO 14001:2004, and Occupational Health and Safety standard OHSAS 18001:2007.

The system is easy to use

The EASE-Q® integrated management system is an application accessed with your web browser.

With the integrated management system, you will effectively manage the organisation's internal communication, share information with personnel, develop processes and measure results.

The building and maintenance of the management system is really simple and quick. With the help of the integrated management system you control the documentation with version management, archiving and approval procedures and also the handling of deviations and incidents.

The responsible user can create any desired number of user profiles for their own personnel, customers, suppliers, and interest groups.

You only need a Web browser and broadband (> 0.5 Mbit/s).

Benefits of the system

EASE-Q® integrated management system strengthens the company's operations:

  • all of the company’s instructions can be easily found in one place.
  • allows for a quicker introduction of new personnel
  • saves time because information can be found easily
  • a web browser service with data protection
  • improves the management of customer feedback and claims
  • tool for monitoring system activity
  • strengthens the company's internal communication
  • enables the development and measurement of personnel’s work satisfaction
  • provides a management tool
  • allows the illustration and development of processes
  • provides a stable platform for proving the level of quality to customers and interest groups

When you choose the EASE-Q® integrated management system, you no longer need to invest in your own servers or client specific software.

Data security

The EASE-Q® integrated management system is a modern application with a high level of data security.

Backups of your management system are included in the service; you don't need to spend time yourself anymore. The use of the service, via a protected Internet connection, is as safe as using banking services.

Free User support

When you need support in the use of the application or the building of the management system, you can get help from our technical support, customer service and sales personnel.

We will answer your calls on normal workdays between 08.00 – 16.00 (UCT +01:00). We promise that your questions have been answered or that you have been contacted within two hours from your request for support. You only pay the regular call charge for your call, the support service is free!

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