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To support the establishment of a management system, we can offer training, consultancy, and guidance. You need not be left alone with quality and environmental issues but can have our full support for yourself and your team.

Management training

Establishing an integrated management system is only possible when the company management is committed!

We offer comprehensive training for corporate/top level management on how such a project should be run effectively. In our management trainings, we define together the processes as well as provide guidance for documentation control requirements, look deeper into the setting up of indicators, and show tools for communication.

Management trainings are always tailored dependant on customer requirements.

Personnel trainings

We are able to support the Quality and/or Environmental Manager/Responsible in performing the personnel trainings. If you prefer, our trainer can give the training.

We can train both small and larger groups in the use of the application on site.

Online training

We can support the training of your key people with intensive online trainings. You do not need to invest in expensive equipment or software. It suffices that you click the link you receive in your email to come to the online session.

Course training

We can also provide training, for example, to groups taking part from several companies. This is cost efficient and at the same time, it allows participants to interact with other participants interested in the same area.

Training material

All of the training material is available to your personnel as soon as the user IDs have been created in the application. This enables effective learning also for each person individually