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Management training

Establishing an integrated management system is only possible when the company management is committed!

Management trainings are always tailored dependant on customer requirements. During management trainings, we focus on interactive learning. Typically, management training consists of 2 to 5 days of in-house training.

Contents of the training

  • Basics of quality and/or environmental control
  • Requirements of the respective ISO standard
  • Requirements of documentation management
  • Recognition, definition, and description of processes
  • Goals of the organization
  • Monitoring and measuring
  • Project requirements for establishing an integrated management system: responsibilities and schedules
  • Internal auditing
  • Management reviews
  • Preparation for eventual external audit
  • Support to the quality/environmental manager/responsible and process owners
  • Planning of personnel trainings

Support to the quality/environmental manager

An essential part of management training is the online training periods, during which it is possible to discuss in detail matters that have come up and follow up the topics handled during the in-house training.

Learning by doing

You don't get effective results by watching slides! In management training, we build a system together and follow how the work progresses. Interactivity, with active participation, and direct results!

Measurable results

We will help you make your operations more effective, improve your profitability, and raise the level of customer satisfaction.

Together with you, we will achieve results that can be measured in euros/SEK.